June 26, 2017

Jaipur ‘The Pink City’

The capital of Rajputana- the land of the Royals, present day Rajasthan. Jaipur is considered to be the first planned city of the country founded by Sawai Jai Singh II in the year 1727.
Jaipur ‘The Pink City’Image Credit https://pixabay.com

It is said that Jai Singh was himself a great lover of science, mathematics, and astronomy. The task of planning the city was entrusted with Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, the great architect who, needless to say, left no stone unturned to accomplish the task accomplished. And thus was born, Jaipur.

The Architecture of Jaipur

A wonder is born when the ancient culminates in the modern. So was Jaipur. The city was built according to the principles of Vaastu-Shastra, the ancient Indian architectural science. The city was divided into 9 blocks and to maintain security, high fortified walls with huge strong gates were constructed all around. The whole city was painted pink and came to be known as the ‘Pink City’.
The Architecture of Jaipur Image Credit https://pixabay.com

Behold the Jewels

The Hawa Mahal also called the ‘Palace of the Winds’ is perhaps one of the most recognized iconic structures of Jaipur. Its magnificence drips from every inch of its gigantic construction-laden with over 900 windows that mesmerize onlookers with their charisma, casting a spell that is never forgotten. The Jantar Mantar is another jewel of the city. The observatory has several huge astronomical instruments including sundials, yantras, etc used to make calculations based on Indian astronomical sciences. The Amer Fort is a part of the legacy of the city and was once the stronghold of the ancient Kachwaha dynasty. The Sheesh Mahal (the Mirror Palace), the Diwan-i-Aam, Dian-i-Khas are remarkable specimens of art and architecture at their very best.

Behold the JewelsImage Credit https://pixabay.com

The Jaigarh Fort looms above the city on the Aravalis, standing guard over the city, as does the elegant Nahargarh Palace. Numerous stories and legends haunt the long, narrow corridors, echoing since times immemorial. The Albert Hall, a marvel of architecture, enthrals visitors as it narrates the tales of the past.

The Bazaars of Jaipur

Jaipur is the Shopper’s Paradise. The Johari Bazaar is famous for its finest Jaipur jewelry, which is known the world over for the stone cutting finesse and the intricate stone setting work. Tie and dye, also called Bandhej work is another hallmark of Jaipur. The Bapu Bazaar is famous for the block printing work and the exquisite Mojaris, which are beautiful traditional footwear made from Camel leather. The Tripolia Bazaar is known for its Lac bangles; the woodwork handicrafts of the Kishanpole Bazaar are no less either!

The light pink, famously called the ‘Jaipur Pink’ still enlivens the walled city, which carefully tucks stories of a glorious past in every nook and corner. The taste of hot Daal-Baatis and the mouth-watering Churma beckons visitors to relish the aroma of a past unforgotten.

Come, experience royalty at its very best in the heart of Rajputana. The beautiful palaces, the colorful turbans, the grace of the Rajputi Poshaak, the melting hues of the lac bangles, and the timeless folklore that still echoes in the air call out.




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