Mouth-Watering Food List Of Leh!

Mouth-Watering Food List Of Leh!

 July 14, 2017

Yummy your tummy with the local food & get foodgasm with Ladakhi cuisines. Keeping it all together in one place ‘VenueGuide’ brings you a fantastic list of ‘Local Food’. As we scream ‘Connect with the world around you’. How can we miss the essential part of our lives ‘Food – Food and Food’.

Thukpa / Thenktuk

Thukpa Cuisine is a noodle soup that is set up with chicken or vegetables. The soup is set up in various assortments. It can be various with chicken or sheep. There are different sorts of Thukpa Recipe in Tibetan like Thenthuk, Gyathuk, Pathug, Drethug. It is the most well known Ladakh Cuisine. Thukpa is brought in Tibetan dialect that implies noodles. ‘Favourite dish of Ladakhi’

Thukpa / ThenktukImage Credit

Tigmo OR Teemo

We went ineffectively for this dish, not in the slightest degree like the Chhupri. We just went into a close-by diner in Leh guideline exhibit, asked for an area dish and were offered the “Tigmo”. It is a kind of developed and steamed bread, given a veg/non-veg stew. The bread itself is sensitive and cushy and runs to a great degree well with the delicately upgraded stew. Regardless of the way that we went in for a snack, go over solicitations of the delightful Tigmo changed over it to a full dinner.

Tigmo OR TeemoImage Credit

Momos / Mokthuk

It is a wrongdoing to not taste momos while you are in Leh. Momo is a sort of steamed bun with or without filling. Momo has transformed into a standard delicacy in many places in the Northern piece of India. People of all ages are wild about momos, yet trust me if you eat the Ladakhi momos you would never need momos of some other place

Momos / MokthukImage Credit


Their staple, nourishment, their bread, it’s molded, and nearly possesses a flavor like a thicker roti. It can be had spread with stick, margarine or match it with the spread tea-and it tops off your stomach, preparing you for a day of diligent work ahead. Attempt an omlette with it, goes well as well.

KhambirImage Credit


Skyu is a customary soup dish of Ladakhis and very nearly an every day feast for individuals here. Soft wheat dough is kneaded into thumb sized balls and cooked with meat and vegetable stew. Yummy and delightful by itself, it is ordinarily a ran with dumplings or momos

SkyuImage Credit

Chhupri OR Yak Cheese

Chhupri is easily open in the essential market zone, where traders even offer it on the roadside street shops. They are available in three flavors: Sweet, salty and plain. The cheddar is very hard and looks like calcium stores. It is difficult to eat down on more prominent bits of the cheddar, so better buy a pack of more diminutive pieces. Do observe that a couple of spots feel that the cheddar sees a bit Yak-ish, nonetheless I didn’t feel it. Be that as it may, when in Leh, you can’t remain to miss this!
When in Leh sympathetically don’t miss on trying different things with “Chhupri”. Neighborhood individuals don’t understand it when you say Yak cheddar, they appreciate the adjacent term for it “Chhupri”.

Chhupri OR Yak CheeseImage Credit

Butter Tea & Chaang

The tea looks pink and tastes salty, made with margarine and salt. The spread helps shield lips from getting dried out in the brutal frosty climate and the salt avoids altitude sickness. It is frequently served hot from brass kettles. Awesome it’s <3

Butter Tea & Chaang
Image Credit

Seabuckthrone Juice

“Leh Berries” yummy juice, up in the mountains. You will find two bundling plants in Nubra and one in Leh. Rich in an Omega 7 unsaturated fat called palmitoleic destructive, sea buckthorn is particularly profitable for the skin, supporting and soaking from the back to front. You should must endeavor this. ‘Stay fit stay healthy ;)’

Seabuckthrone JuiceImage Credit


This is staple drink that must be devoured every day in Leh to help keep your body warm. It contains Daalchini or Cinnamon and Saffron

QahwaImage Credit

Paba and Tangtur

Disregarding the way that we think about Qahwa more in the Kashmir region, it is without a doubt, a basic drink in Leh. In case you are aiming to buy Qahwa to recover home, the area essential need shops stock only two brands: King’s and Kanwal. These are set up to make Qahwa powder brands.

Paba and TangturImage Credit


The langar served at Gurudwara Pathar Sahib is nourishment for the spirit. I have never had such delectable rajma in my life. The most astounding thing is that the Gurudwara cooks in such colossal volumes and still figures out how to keep it so unattractive. We saw various armed force trucks arranged outside the Gurudwara and armed force men continued pouring in amid lunch hour. It looked as though they routinely came here for lunch.

LangarImage Credit

Mouth-watering eh? Leh makes them stun stay choices as well, on the off chance that you are anxious to visit and attempt the Ladakhi cooking yourself. Do design an excursion soon. Life, as we probably am aware it, is short, and you should go, as much as possible.

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