Useful Traveling Tips For Those Who Wish To Visit Leh Ladakh

Useful Traveling Tips For Those Who Wish To Visit Leh Ladakh

 June 9, 2017

Ever thought about the precautions to be taken during the journey? Especially for Ladakh Trip, Not yet?
No worries, here we got awe-inspiring tips for you all! Don’t miss to check the tempting list of needs.

Useful Traveling Tips For Those Who Wish To Visit Leh Ladakh

Clothing and Footwear

  • Heavy gumboot shoes, useful for trekking and hiking. Get an extra pair as well
  • Woollen socks (2-3 Pairs), helpful for bike riders in those slightly unpredictable climatic conditions and rough terrains
  • Pack adequate number of woollen clothes like jackets, sweaters, shawls, comforters, gloves, etc. Wear clothes in layers
  • Carry a rain jackets to survive the unexpected showers of rain/snow
Note: Beware of the highly sensitive ecology of the region and make sure not to disturb wildlife during the trek.

Medical Supplies and Toiletry

  • Carry sunscreen lotions (SPF 40+), moisturisers and lip balm
  • Pain relieving sprays (volini) and inhaler
  • Rehydration liquids like Gatorade
  • Always carry ample amount of water and always be hydrated
  • Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Toilet Soap, Face Wash, Tissue Papers
  • List of Medicines with brief

    • Headache tablets (prescribed by doctor)
    • Avomine – Relief from Dizziness, Motion Sickness and Vomiting
    • Combiflaim or Flexon – Pain Killers
    • Digene – Relief from Flatulence, Indigestion, acidity (mild)
    • Zinetac 150mg – Acidity or gastric problems (only if severe)
    • Entroquinol – Relief from Loose motion (mild)
    • Metrogyl – Relief from Loose motion (high)
    • Crepe Bandage – 2 (for fractures)
    • Eye Tone for soothing eyes
    • D-Cold Total or Vicks Action 500 for cold
    • J&J Band-Aid Fast Heal Wash proof – Long, Square and circle patches
    • Cotton and Dressing Bandage
    • ORS or ORS-L Tetra Packs at least 5 in number
    • Pudin Hara for stomachache
    • Nasivion for blocked and dry nose
    • Glucose – D
Note: Do not forget to take water bottles, water purification pills, energy drinks and eating items along with you. In such case of a person having High BP | Sugar or any other things which may cause certain issue to the body, must must advise to avoid high peak visit of Mountains.

Electronic Devices and Accessories

  • A good quality camera is advised for Leh Ladakh road trip to capture the magnificent views of surroundings which are for sure memories of life time. Carry charged batteries and charger
  • Carry mobile charger and power bank. Batteries tend to lose their charge quickly at higher altitudes
Note:Always use waterproof rucksacks to pack your things. For the Current & Upcoming Professional Photographers- (Get an awesome picture mentioning all this things)
  • Camera Accessories
  • Tripod
  • UV Filter
  • Remote Release
  • Extra memory cards
Note: You must take permission before clicking photographs of any person or monument. Remember photography is restricted in some of the monuments and monasteries in Ladakh.


Most of the markets and STD booths in Leh Tourism board has its own wireless radiophone network which connects its offices of Ladakh region and gets closed before 10 PM, it is better to get in touch with your near and dear ones before evening time. The General Post Office and Telegraph Office available in the Leh town also helps in communication. Workable networks are BSNL / Aircel, hence it’s better to have sustainable Network. You may find Telephone booth but then again, that is going to be a Post paid connection only.

Money and Currency

Leh city, various private banks such as State Bank of India, Jammu and Kashmir Bank, Punjab National Bank and Axis Bank have placed their ATM machine.

Mountains Must Haves

  • Heavy Woolen Clothing including (Severe Cold / Snow)
  • Digital Thermometer (Optional)

Gift Cards

Pens, Pencils, Colors, Chocolates, Educational Books, Clothes, which can be given among local children for their daily usage.
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